Tips & Tricks

Email - is it time to upgrade?

Email used to be so simple, but now there is a lot to consider.  If you want more from your email service, or are simply looking at changing your email address, talk to us first.

Click on the link above to find out the differences between common email services, or call in and talk to our technicians about what is right for you.

Laptop vs Tablet/iPad

Do you know what the difference between an iPad and a tablet is?

A:  An iPad is a tablet.  There are many different types of tablets, and the Apple iPad is the most well known brand of tablet.

Click the link above to find out more about tablets.


We all know how important it is to back up your irreplaceable photos and documents, but how reliable is your backup?  Are you backing up everything you need to?

A common mistake made while setting up your own backup is to focus on your pictures and forget about your email.  What would you do if you lost all of your email and addresses?

Click on the link above for more information on backing up your computer, or click here for some common problems and solutions related to backups.

Skeptics are safer

Social networks such as Facebook are full of scams, but a healthy dose of skepticism will help to keep you safe online.

Click the link above for more information

Speed up your PC

Don't be fooled by any applications that claim to automatically speed up your PC.  A lot of PC and registry tune-up applications cause more harm than good.

Click the link above to find out why your computer is running slow.


Have you ever heard the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words"?  That saying often holds true for computer problems.

The best way to describe a problem is to reproduce it with a technician watching you, but often that is not possible.  The next best way to describe a problem is take a picture of your screen (called a screenshot) & let us ask a few questions about it.

Click the link above to find out how to take a screenshot.