Business Email

Which website would you be more inclined to trust?

  1. www.freewebsites.com/bob6636/mybusiness
  2. www.mybusiness.co.nz

How about email?  Which one would you trust more?

  1. bob.smith6636@freeemail.com
  2. bob@mybusiness.co.nz

mybusiness.co.nz looks far more professional and trustworthy, so it is a good idea to invest in a domain name (mybusiness.co.nz) even if you are not yet ready for your own website.  It may not cost as much as you think.

Basic Business Email

If you purchase your domain name from your internet provider (Telecom, Vodafone etc.) they will be able to supply a basic business email account using a system called POP3.  You can read more about the limitations of this system below.

Best Business Email

The best business email system available today is Microsoft Exchange. 

This system used to only be available to large businesses with big servers, but now it is available (for a small monthly fee) to even one person companies who don't own a server.

Read more about our Hosted Exchange service here.

You may also be interested in our managed services package.

Home Email

Basic Desktop Email

The most common type of email offered by NZ internet providers is called POP3.  This system is designed to be used on a single PC, and although it can be adapted to work with a phone/tablet, it does not work as well as the alternatives.

With POP3, all of your email and contacts are stored in your desktop email application (Outlook or Windows Mail.)  They are not backed up automatically, and are not available from another computer.

POP3 is not compatible with the Windows 8 email application.

If your email account only offers basic email & you would like to use it on a tablet, talk to us about redirecting your email address to a system that will work on any device.


Webmail is the term used for email accounts that are always accessed through a web browser (such as Internet Explorer,) not through a desktop application (such as Windows Mail.)  The most common webmail services are Outlook.com (Hotmail,) Gmail and Yahoo.

Webmail services store all of your email online, so you don't need to worry about losing all of your email if something happens to your computer.  All of your email, contacts and calendar are available from any computer/phone/tablet with internet access.

Shared Desktop Email

If you want to check your email on a phone/tablet and still use Windows Mail or Outlook on your computer, you need IMAP.

Most webmail providers and internet providers offer IMAP, although some internet providers (such as Woosh) limit the amount of email you can store while using this technology.  Xtra (Telecom) offers unlimited storage if you use webmail or IMAP.